Marmon "Wasp" yellow - Ray Harroun 1911 - # 32 - SOLD OUT

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Ray Harroun - 1911 - Indianapolis 500 Miles First Winner -  Scale 1 / 32  

RTR model. Handemaded, resin bodyshape, SLS chassis ( selective laser sintering ), aluminium hubs, silver nickel photo-etched , 20.000 rpm motor, inline gear. 

Units produced  150 ( RTR + KITS )

Ray Harroun was the project engineer and also the driver of this car. The Marmon Wasp was equipped with a 7,820 cm³, 6-cylinder engine for a power evaluated over the 100 hp. A very important thing was that he ran alone without co-driver, it can be considered the first single-seater of the history competition. Harroun obviated this disadvantage by applying above and in front of the steering wheel a mirror and in this way invented the first rearview mirror for automobiles. In recent years the replica of this car was made with the yellow livery. 

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